10 reasons to learn

Wondering whether to attend that course, seminar or workshop? Do it. Learning is a worthwhile pursuit. Here’s why:

1. It revs up your brain. It’s easy to go about your day-to-day life like an automaton doing the same things in the same way. But, when you add new information, your neurons fire up (more on that here) which can bring all sorts of new ideas to life. Former U.S. president, Bill Clinton, says our brain is a gift.

2. It enhances your skill set. When isn’t it a good idea to add to your repertoire of talents? Learning can make you more employable, promotable and effective.

3. It changes the way you think about things you’re currently doing or the way you’ve been doing them. Taking a course has given me a whole lot of new ideas to take with me into any future position I hold.

4. It opens up opportunities. All learning gives you access to ideas and prospects you may never have known possible. A new position, a hobby, a business contact, or a friend may be just one class away.

5. It builds your confidence. It’s true: nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment. Learning lets you tackle something successfully and enhances your self-esteem.

6. It gives you something else to think about. I can spend a lot of time worrying about little things but it’s just wasted energy. Filling my thoughts with new information, channels my thinking elsewhere and is a whole lot more useful, to boot.

7. It encourages you to know more. To paraphrase Einstein, the more I learn, the less I know. As I make my way through my course, I find I have many more questions I need answered. That’s a good thing because….

Photo by Juan Ramos

8. It makes you happier. As it turns out, scientifically, all this learning actually makes us happier, so says Psychologies Magazine. That’s true for me.

9. It helps you live longer. Well, if you’re happier, confident and more creative than you’re no doubt going to live longer, right? The folks at O Magazine think so.

10. It sets an example for our children, our partners and friends. When we’re learning something new and are really impassioned about it, we bring all that good energy to our relationships and our lives, which in turn encourages others to get on the learning path.

How about you? What are you learning today?

Need even more reasons to start learning? Check these out:

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4 thoughts on “10 reasons to learn

  1. Nella Arnone

    Thanks for inspiring me to seek new opportunities to keep me engaged. I hope that I can instill in my children the importance of learning, and all of its benefits.


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